– Amber:
“I found this at my local vape store and was very excited to try it. I have been sober from alcohol for 5 years and suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. I used to smoke weed but it exacerbated my anxiety to the point I haven’t smoked in several years. My anxiety had gotten so bad that I’ve been taking Xanax daily. I have noticed needing to take more and more and it scares me. I jumped at the chance to try this and the very first night I only took one pill to go to sleep! It’s been night and day. I bought more today but I think it might be a little strong as I bought the 58 mg  one instead of the 14mg so I need to dilute it more. But a wonderful product. I feel like I can breathe again. Which if you have experienced anxiety before, is the best feeling in the world. Thanks again CBD, I feel like there is hope.”

 – Glory:
“I have been using an e-juice with CBD in it for about a month. I bought a 15 ml bottle not knowing if it would last the whole month or not. If I use it on a regular basis I have a lot of relief from nerve and arthritis pain. I have been vaping it just before bedtime and do not wake up during the night due to muscle spasms. I had to start limiting myself on usage so I wouldn’t run completely out this past week or so. Now that I am getting the pure extract I can make my own e-juice so I won’t be running low or out every month. 🙂 I talked to Rick (sales rep) and he helped me come up with approximately how much I need to put per 10 ml of 0 mg nicotine e-juice. I know I will have to experiment to come up with the right ratio for a 30 ml bottle. It would be nice if you had a larger bottle instead of a 7 ml. I cannot afford the 12 pack. 🙁 The really great thing about CBD my cardiologist approved my using CBD and even asked if he needed to write me a prescription. :)”

 – Freedom Vapes:
“We bought our first shipment about a month ago to sell in our store. We had a problem with the shipping company, but CBD Drip took care of it immediately. I must say they have STELLAR customer service.
With that said, we gave some to my mother who is 79yrs old. She had broken her hip years ago, before they used titanium. She has two heavy metal plates and large screws holding her hip in place. She has suffered for years with pain associated with the plates. She would wake up every hour of the night having to shift to relieve the pain. She does not want to use pharmaceutical drugs because of the terrible side effects. The very first night she used CBD Drip, she only woke once in the night. Within days she was using her treadmill again. This stuff works!! Get some NOW!!”

 – BabyCakes:
“On vacation with my husband in Virginia at the beach.  It’s our anniversary and I got my stupid period.  Have had a history of horrible pms symptoms and was diagnosed at 18 with endometriosis bipolar manic depressive and have anxiety issues. Found the cbd drip in gold at a shop on the boardwalk figures its worth a try and not badly priced if it works. Well I had a great day pmsing and wonderful sleep that wasn’t interrupted by cramps or uncomfortable symptoms. I can tell the difference with my depression and anxiety as well. I will be a lifetime user and I can not wait to get home and have my in laws try this since they are vapers with health issues as well and I will report in a week any other changes I notice and what my in laws think. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THIS DRIP ROCKS!!!”

 – Stevie R.:
“I have a long history of painful periods. I also suffer from severe anxiety, and when I PMS, my hormones literally drive me crazy. I am extremely hostile and it affects every relationship I have, work included. Last month, I tried the Gold CDB oil. For the first time, I was virtually pain-free, my anxiety was almost completely gone, and I was able to act like a normal person, instead of a rabid, homicidal lunatic. It was like night and day. While no woman looks forward to her period, I can tell you that I don’t dread it anymore. I know I won’t have to miss work or avoid other people. I won’t be in agony. I have decided to use the Gold for my general anxiety, and use the Platinum during PMS and periods. Thank you for this wonderful, life-saving product. It’s worth every penny spent.”

 – Luis G.:
“First of My name is Luis suffer from anxiety, social anxiety, mild depression, and recently they found a bulge in my C5-C6 disc. they placed me on muscle relaxers for the pain and to relax my spine on top of the Xanax i was taking for the anxiety and depression. i cant say bad things about the medication because they did help the pain and anxiety but they came with a price. the muscle relaxer would knock me out for 12-13 hours. i would wake up with the worst headache ever would last all day, it would make me feel tired with no energy whatsoever. With the way i was feeling i needed something better. i was in the vape shop when i was told about this and purchased a gold and a platinum. The first night i was skeptical so still took my muscle relaxer felt better the next morning no headache. the second day with gold mixed into my regular juice i was able to get through the day without any pain, and made my social anxiety almost non existent. that second night i only dripped platinum with no muscle relaxer by far the most restful and painless night i have had since i had issues with my C5-C6 discs. woke up in the morning feeling like getting out and just going not like before when I would be a shut in. i am happy to say that it has been 4 days without any pharmaceutical medications and i feel amazing. Thank you so much guys for investing your time and money to make a honest product that works without any of those funky flavors in them. I wish i could give all of you a big hug you guys really helped me out. I would also like to apologize to everyone for my horrible grammar and punctuation. Picture compares two meds being replaced by one 100% natural medicine.”

 – Beach Vaper: (Text From Customer)

“We received this text from a new retail customer named Luis. Luis let us know that he has a bulging disc in his back and has been taking several pharmaceuticals for pain at least twice a day. He said they cause nausea and depression, and he has been on disability from work.

The very next morning after he received his 2 Gold and 2 Platinum CBD Drip bottles Luis sent this text to my personal phone:

“Sorry to bother you guys so early, but I just had to say thank you so much. Best rest Iʻve had, no headaches or pills, thank you honestly from the bottom of my heart. You guys made my day. Pretty much my life. Iʻm happily out and about instead of being home depressed.”

 – Classic Country Vapors
“I posted earlier that I let a customer try a sample of the Platinum and he just reported back to me that he wants to buy a whole case of it now.  He never slept more than a couple hours at a time because he’s a Veteran that came back with numerous injuries from a parachute accident.  He said he was sleeping 8 hours or more for the first time in years, he’s calmer, taking less pain medication and not smoking much at all anymore.  That’s a true miracle.  The CBD works wonders but the Platinum works much better than the Gold when you have serious issues to deal with.  He is happier due to sleeping better and very little pain.  You should however sell it in quantity.  Liter bottles or half liter would be great!”

 – Big Rob
“I recently attended a family wedding and my uncle explained the benefits of CBDdrip to me. I used some of the Platinum product he had and within an hour, it literally changed everything for me. I have had difficulty dealing with past trauma, depression, and PTSD. Doctors have given me loads of addictive prescriptions that put me on suicide and psychiatric watch. That night, for the first time in years, I was all clear. My thoughts were in order, I was alert, not scattered…I felt normal for the first time in a very long time. I bought the Platinum CBD, and I use a few drops regularly in my vape tank, with any flavor I want. I am fully functional during the day, no high, no side effects. I sleep through the night. CBD gave me a quality of life I thought I would never be able to get back. Thank you CBD drip, I am very grateful for your product.”

 – No More Pain
“I suffer from extreme menstrual cramps and I’m always taking over the counter medications for the pain, but it’s only a temporary solution and my symptoms always come back with a vengeance. I started Vaping CBD Drip Platinum and my cramps were instantly relieved. I just Vape it throughout the day to keep my cramps from coming back and it’s worked like a charm!”

 – Brandi
“I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I’ll admit.. I was extremely skeptical when I walked into my local vape shop and found this on the shelves.. one of my buddies that works there had some in his tank and he let me try it… I have been battling severe Siatica in my back for 3 months, it’s kept me mostly bed bound and made the condition worse.. I’ve been in SO MUCH PAIN! 10 minutes of vaping the 14mg CBD Drip and I noticed my back felt considerably BETTER just from standing there in the store! I love love love love love this stuff!”

 – Garden Wise
“I have sold a few things of the CBD Drip at my store as well as took a thing of platinum home for myself. I loved it, a perfect way to take the edge off but still go about my day.Everyone that I have sold it to has come back for more. I introduced the drip to my Mom who is a super anxious and constantly on-the-go person, I regret this decision. I have created a monster. I would say within the first couple of hours after trying the CBD Drip she had raided my room taking the rest I had and has since made me her person mule for getting her more. Just lucky I can get it at work. Definitely wanted to say thanks for such a great product and it really does wonders. My  Mother would agree.”

 – Classic Country Vapors
“I have been very pleased with the service that I have received from CBD Drip.  Shipping is great and quick.  I have had a couple of customers testing this product before I put it on the shelves for sale and so far they are reporting back to me with their results and loving this product.  I have received reports that one of my customers pain in his legs from MS is much better.  I also have a veteran that has been through a lot with anxiety and tons of pain to keep it simple.  He has been in a lot of pain for years and looking for some relief from both that as well as the medications that he has been on.  I’ve heard only good things so far and I’m looking forward to stocking this product in my store in the near future.”

 – Two Feathers Vapor Shop
“I am very excited about selling CBD in my shop! My customers are very satisfied with their results. I have customers using it for, anxiety, depression, neuropathy, PTSD, sciatic nerve pain, artificial hip replacement pain, migraine headaches, general aches and pains,sleeplessness,  stomach issues and Fibromyalgia. The diabetic user came back the next day and could not believe she had no leg pain. The customers with depression report less bouts of depression at night, anxiety levels managed. All pain users report less or no pain. The sleepless are sleeping through the night. So I am thrilled I have been able to help facilitate and reduce and alleviate my customers issues with CBD drip. I am encouraging them to vape it alone for the best results, holding it in longer than they do their nicotine liquid. . I am using it 4 times a day for my anxiety and fibromyalgia and I am  managing well with out medication. I have been shoveling snow with out pain. I am glad to be a part of healing my community! Thank You from all my customers and myself.”

 – Penny
“Words cannot express how happy I am to have found CBD Drip. I had suffered a headache for 5 days, and nothing I took for it helped. I went to a little shop to buy some vape juice that hadn’t come in yet. In the process of the conversation with the store owner, I mentioned the headache and everything I had tried to relief. He asked if I ever tried CBD oil, (which at that point I had not). He proceeded to tell me about how it has helped his arthritis and his wife’s fibromyalgia, (Which I also suffer from), so I purchased a bottle of the CBD Drip Platinum and mixed some with my vape juice. Within about 10 minutes, maybe less, I noticed my headache was GONE! And also the pain from the fibro was eased so much so that I did not have to take a pain pill for relief. I am completely sold on this product! So happy to have finally found a natural product that actually works! My search for a natural remedy is over! I will be a CBD Drip customer for life, Thank God for the plant, and thanks to CBD Drip for the oil.”

 – Guitar Guy
“I have been experiencing issues with sleeping through the night for a while now and  decided to give CBD Drip a shot because of all the benefits I have read about CBD. I started vaping the CBD Drip and it was no more than 5 days later that I started to sleep perfectly through the night. This is an awesome product and definitely recommend it!”


 – Markus Godwin:
“I bought y’alls cbd drip platinum today for the first time. And I have to say, this is the most greatest product ever. I will continue to buy this product. Helps with my stress and anxiety. Thank y’all very much!!”
 – Megan
“I was diagnosed with Bipolar and anxiety when I was thirteen years old,  for about 5 years I was on every medication under the sun for bipolar and anxiety. I felt as though all of these medications where simply just masking what I was dealing with or making it worse.  So when I turned 17 I make the personal choice of getting off of these pharmaceuticals and trying more natural ways of dealing with bipolar and anxiety.  So I heard from a close friend of mine about a local shop selling CBD.  Naturally I jumped all over the chance to obtain a bottle of CBD.  I’ve been taking it daily for two weeks now. I feel as though it’s really helped me no have these continuing dips of ups and down with my emotions and anxiety.  I’m in love with this product and will continue to use it. Thanks for giving me my life back without negative side effects!”