Vaping 101

The Benefits of Vaping


There are many reasons why people switch over from regular analog stinkies to vaping.

Getting off “The Stinkies”

Benefits of Vaping

Although vaping may look similar to cigarette smoking, they are two entirely different things. Smokers have to walk around all day with that horrible smell while vapers are walking around smelling like cinnamon buns, fruit loops, and cotton candy.

This might sound like a ridiculous statement but I believe that vaping is bringing families together because when I was a smoker, I would spend a lot of time avoiding my family because I just didn’t want them to smell me. With vaping, this is not a major issue because the scent is a lot more pleasant.

Getting Healthy

Benefits of Vaping

Research has been showing vaping to be one of the most effective means of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. People are gaining their lives back with a way less dangerous alternative. In this article we discuss some of the 60 carcinogens found in cigarettes vs. only 4 ingredients in e-cigarettes.


Many people who smoke cigarettes don’t exercise simply because they are already married to the idea that smoking is unhealthy and working out would just be a waste of time. They become hopeless and fall into a never-ending cycle of obesity, health issues, depression and the worst part of all: smoking.


People are gaining their health back. My friend who recently switched over to vaping can’t stop talking about the benefits of e-cigs such as coughing much less, better skin, less irritable more energy etc. Other perceived benefits of vaping include less nausea, improved sense of smell/taste and better circulation.


Saving Money

Benefits of Vaping

Yes, some of us do spend hundreds of dollars on fancy gear but vaping really doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many starter kits that are under $30 that will have you reaping the benefits of e-cigs in no time. Smokers spend an average of $15 a day on a pack of smokes, so in two days they could have already been vaping! There are many ways to vape on a budget all the way up to cloud chasing status. Once you shell out enough for a good vape mod and RDA, all you need is wire, cotton and juice which are relatively cheap. Especially if you order in bulk, these sites are like the Costco of vaping. For some great beginner vaping kits check out The Best E-Cigs of 2015.


More Variety

Benefits of Vaping

One of the greatest e-cigarette benefits is probably the fact that users can choose their flavor and style. There are many different ways of vaping, and each device has its own character and personality. There are also countless flavors and sites where you can customize your own e-liquids. Beyond that there are different types of mods and atomizers and ways to further customize their appearance whereas cigarettes all look and taste the same. I admit certain people just look bad-ass with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth but the reality is smoking kills and research has shown vaping to be less harmful. In addition, users can select the exact nicotine level that they need to help them avoid smoking altogether.



Benefits of Vaping There are many advantages to making the switch. The main one is getting off cigarettes, which is the most important reason why vaping is so important. The rest of the benefits of e-cigs are also incredible such as improved respiratory function, better skin, improved stamina and endurance etc. Working out is more possible which in turn will benefit health. Smokers who exercise are living a strange dichotomy between working towards better health and inhaling pure death. Meanwhile smokers who don’t work out are only pushing themselves further into an endless cycle of eat, smoke, sleep, cough and repeat.